Appointment to the Fedora Board

Jared K. Smith jsmith at
Fri Nov 19 16:34:01 UTC 2010

The Fedora Board consists of five elected seats and four appointed
seats.  As part of the normal Board succession process[1], one Board
appointment is made before elections and the other is made after the
election cycle.

I'm happy to announce that Toshio Kuratomi has accepted the
responsibility of serving on the Fedora Board.  Toshio is a great
contributor to open source in general, and has been actively
collaborating with people
throughout the Fedora Project for many years.  I have no doubt that
he'll work tirelessly to increase the level of trust, transparency,
communication, and innovation within the Fedora community.  I thank
Toshio for his willingness to serve, and I hope the whole Fedora
community will join me in welcoming him to the Board.

Toshio will fill seat A2 (see the Board History[2] for a list of the
seats), which has been held by Colin Walters.  I'd also like to take
this opportunity to publicly thank Colin for the work he's done on
behalf of the Fedora Board.

Elections for the two open elected seats on the Board (as well as
FAmSCo and FESCo elections) will begin on November 20th at UTC 0001,
as shown on the Fedora wiki's Elections page[3].  All community
members are encouraged to cast their vote until the elections close at
the end of the day on November 28th.  After the end of elections,
another appointment will be made for the remaining Board seat (seat

* * *


Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader

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