[Guidelines Change] Changes to the Packaging Guidelines

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Wed Jul 20 14:47:01 UTC 2011

Here are the latest changes to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines:


Some rpm versions pass pathnames to the automatic filtering macros, so a 
section has been added to the guidelines to help packagers deal with it:



For a while, Fedora considered mono packages to be 
architecture-specific, and installed assemblies to %{_libdir}. However, 
after discussions with upstream, we now consider mono packages to be 
architecture (and platform) independent. This means that mono packages 
should be correctly installed into the GAC in /usr/lib or installed into 

As a notable exception, any ELF binary libraries generated in a mono 
package must be correctly installed into %{_libdir}, because these files 
are architecture-specific.

Also, even though we consider mono packages to be architecture 
independent, they must not be marked as "noarch". Although the 
assemblies are the same, the files may differ due to strings referring 
to the build architecture.



It was decided that gnome shell extension packages should have the 
prefix gnome-shell-extension (with no "s" on the end).



The section in the Fedora Packaging Guidelines concerning libexecdir has 
been improved and expanded:



The Fedora Java Packaging Guidelines have been updated to reflect the 
latest macros for Maven 3.



These guidelines (and changes) were approved by the Fedora Packaging
Committee (FPC).

Many thanks to Christian Krause, Aleksandar Kurtakov, Petr Pisar, 
Stanislav Ochotnicky, and all of the members of the FPC, for assisting 
in drafting, refining, and passing these guidelines.

As a reminder: The Fedora Packaging Guidelines are living documents! If
you find something missing, incorrect, or in need of revision, you can
suggest a draft change. The procedure for this is documented here:



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