Updating SSL keys on fedoraproject.org 2011-03-10

Stephen Smoogen smooge at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 01:02:45 UTC 2011

Various SSL keys are aging out so we will be updating them before anyone
gets a <This CERT is not valid.> page.

We have already updated fedorahosted.org and will now be updating the
cert for the main site: fedoraproject.org.

The old certificate came from Equifax, was a 1024 bit key and had the

SHA1 Fingerprint=E7:6D:26:72:D6:A2:2D:7A:5C:CF:BB:D2:05:B9:8E:7C:49:F5:F8:A8

The new certificate is issued by GeoTrust, Inc and is a 4096 bit key
with the fingerprint:

SHA1 Fingerprint=F6:D6:28:85:64:B1:11:19:38:2A:82:EF:F8:F0:22:E8:27:4F:A5:CF

Please report any problems with these certificates to
admin at fedoraproject.org

The change in certs will happen around 2011-03-10 20:00 UTC

Stephen Smoogen
* Seasonal Infrastructure Chief Koffee Officer

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