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Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Feb 20 16:18:39 UTC 2012


For the last 2.5 years, has been an alias in
DNS for This was a welcome alias when moving our
master mirrors, but has long since been complete. 

https links using the old name don't verify correctly (as our master
mirrors are using the ssl cert, not a

The old name is also misleading, leading some to contact Red Hat for
issues or concerns about the hosts, leading to delays and overhead. 

For these reasons we have removed the alias
from DNS. Please update any scripts, documentation, links or other
resources that used the old 

You can use '' if you wish to refer to the primary
mirrors that are managed by the Fedora Project Infrastructure. 

You can use '' if you wish to use a
mirrormanager provided mirror that may be close to you via GeoIP,
netblock or ASN. 

Please bring any issues or concerns with this change to the Fedora
Infrastructure team. 


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