New Fedora openid provider (fas-openid) in service

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Wed Mar 6 00:19:50 UTC 2013


I'm happy to announce that we have moved our new OpenID identity
provider (fas-openid) into production and it's ready for general use.

OpenID allows you to use an existing identity (like a Fedora Project
account) on sites or applications that support OpenID authentication. 

Fedora Project account holders can use this openid identity provider 
by specifying: 

on any OpenID enabled relying party application. 
(Where 'username' is your Fedora Account system login). 

More information is available at:

Code for this provider (under GPLv2+) is available at:

Please report any issues or problems to the Fedora infrastructure trac:

Many thanks to Patrick Uiterwijk for all the hard work on
expanding and re implementing this service. 

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