[fedora-arm] replacing ubuntu on sheevaplug

Steve Grubb sgrubb at redhat.com
Fri Aug 28 18:18:03 UTC 2009

On Friday 28 August 2009 09:32:35 am Dan Horák wrote:
> > I got an email offlist that said I need to add a reset command to the
> > recipe. With that, I now have a sheevaplug running Fedora from a USB
> > drive. I am taking some notes on everything I had to do so that I can
> > help improve the docs.
> Thanks to Steve's experiments and after reading
> http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/sheevaplug/unpack.html I am now
> running Fedora 11 completely from a SD card.

I wrote up a detailed HOWTO and put it here:


I will hook it to the main project page in a day or two so that people can 
review or correct it before its linked in.

If you wanted to add what changes you needed to do for the flash card at the 
bottom, we could make a 1 page howto for different boot devices. But in any 
event, I hope people find this documentation useful.


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