[fedora-arm] agetty in ttyS0 on the sheevaplug

Lluís Batlle viriketo at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 08:27:10 UTC 2009

2009/8/29 Lluís Batlle <viriketo at gmail.com>:
>>> Having a getty for login should be taken care of by default. This is how you
>>> have to get in at first. Openssh is not setup.
> I got in by openssh. I was using nfsroot, but I don't think I changed
> anything more in the boot files other than setting a static ip.
More details:
I'm using rootfs-f10-sheevaplug.tar.bz2, not rootfs-f10.tar.bz2. There
I found an open ssh server with a root account with the sheevaplug
usual password "nosoup4u".
I tried at first with the serial port, because I assumed no sshd would
be running. But I could not manage to type much, having 'agetty' and
'bash' reading from stdin at once.
One key went to the former, the other to the later.

Luckily I tried to ssh into it, and the sheevaplug password worked.
Maybe the event.d/serial is broken only in that


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