[fedora-arm] fedora login by uart

钟威 zhongw_1984 at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Dec 16 05:47:44 UTC 2010

Hi Chris,    1.The rootfs is fedora12 which is for arm I download from offical website.    2.I used serial port on my PC to connect my board(freescale imx5) and I boot my board through NFS Server.    3.I am using Fedora13 on my PC.    4.I am using "minicom" to communicate.    And now,I want to use "minicom" to communicate my board,like using some commands in shell,but I cannot login the shell on my PC,I cannot input the count and password,I can only login by my board.Thanks!

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On Thu, 2010-12-16 at 09:48 +0800, 閽熷▉ wrote:
> Dear all,
>       I can't login fedora arm rootfs by uart on my PC linux.Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Best Regards,
> William

Hi William,

Can you tell us more?:
* What kind of ARM system do you have?
* How is it connected to your PC? (serial port on PC, USB device built
into the ARM unit (Sheeva/OpenRD), external USB-serial converter)
* What operating system is running on your PC?
* What communication software you using?
* Do you see messages from the bootloader (uBoot, xloader, ...) via the



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