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Dear Chris,      Thank you very much! It's very useful!!

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On Thu, 2010-12-16 at 13:47 +0800, 閽熷▉ wrote:
> Hi Chris,
>     1.The rootfs is fedora12 which is for arm I download from offical
> website.
>     2.I used serial port on my PC to connect my board(freescale imx5)
> and I boot my board through NFS Server.
>     3.I am using Fedora13 on my PC.
>     4.I am using "minicom" to communicate.
> And now,I want to use "minicom" to communicate my board,like using
> some commands in shell,but I cannot login the shell on my PC,I cannot
> input the count and password,I can only login by my board.
> Thanks!

Login over serial is controlled by files in /etc/events.d

If your serial connection is defined as the primary console (usually
through a console= argument on the kernel boot line),
then /etc/events.d/serial should detect this and offer a login on that
line. Otherwise, copy one of the existing ttyX scripts and modify it:

  cp /etc/events.d/tty1 /etc/events.d/ttyS0 # or whatever the port is

Then change the mingetty to an agetty command, with appropriate
arguments for serial port speed and so forth, perhaps something like:

  /sbin/agetty -L 115200 ttyS0


  /sbin/agetty-L 9600 ttyS1

...depending on the particular port you're using.

I'm unclear from your e-mail -- if the problem is that you're seeing the
login prompt but can't type anything, check to make sure that hardware
flow control is disabled in minicom.


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