[fedora-arm] ARMv7 rootfs/repository?

omalleys at msu.edu omalleys at msu.edu
Wed Dec 22 19:58:20 UTC 2010

Quoting Andrew Burgess <aab at cichlid.com>:

> i assume the arm5 instruction set is upward compatible so it would
> seem even easier than an existing x86_64 kernel running 32bit code
> which is not binary compatible.
> are you sure the fp arg style is a kernel issue?
> are there system calls that take floats (not in structs or arrays
> but as a single argument)?
> i could be totally wrong. it just seems almost there...

What you are saying is that it should work more akin to the i386, i586  
scenario. Where you recompiled the kernel for your arch (i586) and all  
the i386 packages just worked. But you got the speed bump from the  
kernel from the recompile. Then you recompiled everything you used  
heavily as i586 (if it would compile).

What they are saying is this doesnt work because of the ABI.

I vaguely recall (and maybe incorrectly) the original fpu emulation in  
the linux kernel (ie .99) had this issue too. Im thinking both glibc  
and the kernel emulation had to be fixed before this worked correctly.

You can always try it. :P

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