[fedora-arm] arm turnoff gpio's power

钟威 zhongw_1984 at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Dec 27 01:25:34 UTC 2010

Hi guys,     I want to turnoff some gpio's power on my board when it entered suspend and when it resumed turnon the gpio.My codes is:"gpio_set_value(BABBAGE_POWER_ON, 0);""gpio_set_value(BABBAGE_POWER_ON, 1);"    I want to know where can I put my codes in?I have tried to put it in the two functions "suspend_devices_and_enter()","suspend_enter()" which are in kerne/power/suspend.c,but it didn't work which can't resume.    Anyone can give me some tips,I really don't konw what can I do.Thanks all!
Best Regards,William

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