[fedora-arm] OpenOffice RPMs

omalleys at msu.edu omalleys at msu.edu
Wed Dec 29 15:00:16 UTC 2010

It doesn't look like there is.

I'm not saying you are wrong or it wont work to use the RHEL6b2  
version, but if I was going to build them from scratch, I would  
probably use the f12 src. OO has a lot of dependencies.

To get around the OOM issue, just add a swap file. Here is a quick  
how-to if you aren't familiar.


It is probably going to take quite a bit of time to compile. Given  
there isn't a compiled version for arm, it will probably take more  
work then just a recompile.

Quoting Gordan Bobic <gordan at bobich.net>:

> Are there OpenOffice RPMs available for Fedora 12? I'm trying to build
> the src.rpm from RHEL6b2 on F12 ARM, but the machine has only 450MB of
> RAM, so it OOMs during the build. Are there any pre-built binary RPMs
> available?
> Gordan

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