[fedora-arm] OpenOffice RPMs

Dan Horák dan at danny.cz
Wed Dec 29 18:34:27 UTC 2010

Gordan Bobic píše v St 29. 12. 2010 v 15:54 +0000:
> omalleys at msu.edu wrote:
> > It doesn't look like there is.
> > 
> > I'm not saying you are wrong or it wont work to use the RHEL6b2  
> > version, but if I was going to build them from scratch, I would  
> > probably use the f12 src. OO has a lot of dependencies.
> I already resolved the dependencies. F12 was 3.1.0, and RHEL6b2 was 
> 3.2.1, so I went with the latter.
> Speaking of dependencies - there is a package build circular dependency. 
> Not sure if this should be reported as a bug:
> openssl needs krb5-devel to build
> krb5 needs openssl-devel to build
> I'm pretty sure that can't be right since one has to be built first. In 
> this case I could rpm -ivh --nodeps, but I shouldn't really have to do that.
> Speaking of bugs, do ARM Fedora bugs go into the bugzilla.redhat.com or 
> into a different bugzilla?
> > To get around the OOM issue, just add a swap file. Here is a quick  
> > how-to if you aren't familiar.
> I'm prefectly aware of how to add a swap file, thanks. I've only been 
> doing this for 20 years or so. :p
> > It is probably going to take quite a bit of time to compile. Given  
> > there isn't a compiled version for arm, it will probably take more  
> > work then just a recompile.
> Well:
> 1st attempt:
> OOM-ed with only 512MB of RAM (I wanted to avoid swapping onto SD, it's 
> painful enough without the extra disk I/O it causes).
> 2nd attempt:
> Failed because the build process used up all 8GB of space on the SD card 
> and died.
> Going through the 3rd attempt now. Let's hope the 16GB USB stick proves 
> to be big enough to hold the build directory...

IIRC a build of OO.org needs more than 30GB of free disk space, few gigs
can be saved when the langpacks are not built


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