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omalleys at msu.edu omalleys at msu.edu
Wed Dec 29 18:47:30 UTC 2010

Quoting Gordan Bobic <gordan at bobich.net>:

> omalleys at msu.edu wrote:
>> Quoting Gordan Bobic <gordan at bobich.net>:
>>> Speaking of dependencies - there is a package build circular dependency.
>>> Not sure if this should be reported as a bug:
>>> openssl needs krb5-devel to build
>>> krb5 needs openssl-devel to build
>>> I'm pretty sure that can't be right since one has to be built first. In
>>> this case I could rpm -ivh --nodeps, but I shouldn't really have to do
>>> that.
>> It probably should be reported to the mainline but Im not sure it can be
>> fixed either.. :)
> But isn't F12 deprecated now? We're so far behind with the ARM port that
> by the time it's there, it's already deprecated by a Fedora version 2
> versions newer.

The plan is to finish 13, do 14, then 15. As I believe some or most of  
the bugs if they are getting pushed upstream should be worked out.?

There may be a branch at f15 at or around the cortex processors.

>> You can probably do a rpm -ivh openssl-devel krb5-devel
> IIRC, the reason why I couldn't do that was because krb5 was missing
> from the F12 ARM repository I had to build it, but IIRC, openssl-devel
> wasn't there, either.

It came from somewhere. I am pretty sure I installed it for the  
openafs client qemu buildbot system. I don't think I built it.

> Looking at the timestamps, I had to rebuild openssl from src.rpm to get
> the openssl-devel, then krb5. Needed krb5 for some KDE deppendencies, in
> order to build konversation.

I kind of wonder why openssl needs krb5. OpenSSH i can see needing  
krb5 and openssl. And I can see krb5 needing openssl for gssapi...

> I'm more than a little surprised that ARM Fedora is so neglected. The
> build is very incomplete. This is particularly odd considering that all
> the src.rpm packages seem to build just fine.

I was trying to figure this one out too.

> Ubuntu, OTOH, seem to have much better support for ARM. Are there plans
> to catch up?

Ubuntu is further because it is really Debian unstable. (although I  
think debian is better..)

>> Im not sure exactly how important it is given usually you are using the
>> shared libs anyway.
> It's not really an issue, there's always a way around it, but I thought
> that there should be no circular dependencies in either the binary or
> source packages.

Ideally there shouldn't be. :)

>>> Speaking of bugs, do ARM Fedora bugs go into the bugzilla.redhat.com or
>>> into a different bugzilla?
>> no idea. I was trying to figure that out as well.
>> It seems like they need to be reported in both places since they need to
>> be fixed eventually by the official package maintainer
> Oh, OK. I thought it was the same bugzilla. Doesn't the ARM one feed to
> the main one? Why are they even separate?

> Have you got a URL handy for the Fedora ARM bugzilla?

I'm not sure there is one, or whether it is part of the bugzilla. The  
only things I have really found are local to the arm project. I would  
rather send an email then fill out a form. lol

I can seem to use my fedora account to login to the arm koji.
Im getting https://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/login is handing me back a
(Error code: ssl_error_handshake_failure_alert)

Oh and python twisted is broken at the core level which is needed for  

>>>> It is probably going to take quite a bit of time to compile. Given
>>>> there isn't a compiled version for arm, it will probably take more
>>>> work then just a recompile.
>>> Well:
>>> 1st attempt:
>>> OOM-ed with only 512MB of RAM (I wanted to avoid swapping onto SD, it's
>>> painful enough without the extra disk I/O it causes).
>> fwiw, when i did kernel build time testing with the guruplug. I tried
>> nfs, and a usb/esata drive plugged into either port. nfs with the nosync
>> option was the fastest (50 minutes) and both esata and usb2 were roughly
>> the same time at 60 minutes.
> Yeah, I can believe that. NFS over GbE with async is pretty quick. Build
> performance on the Toshiba AC100 is quite good when I LD_PRELOAD
> libeatmydata.so (eats all the fsyncs - I know, I know, at my peril),
> even onto a slow SD card or USB stick. I figured that 2x Cortex A9 @
> 1GHz would build it quicker than 1x Feroceon @ 1.2GHz.

My guess is the 2x cortex will sometimes be quicker then the Feroceon.  
:) I would actually like to performance test them. :)

> Then again, with it taking so long, distcc is rapidly becoming tempting.
> Since I'm very much meaning to get a lot more involved in this, I'm
> pondering cramming a pile of Panda Boards into a 3U chassis I have lying
> around.

I wish I had bunch of panda boards lying around, I would probably put  
then in a chassis with a switch but I would need fundage lol.  I wish  
the panda board had usb3 or esata and dual nic gigE's. I would have  
bought one of those for sure.

>>> 2nd attempt:
>>> Failed because the build process used up all 8GB of space on the SD card
>>> and died.
>> Im surprised at this.. it doesn't -seem- like it should be quite that big.
> By my reckoning in terms of how long I think it should take to build (18
> hours or so), it was only about half way through by the time it ran out
> of disk space. So I expect it to be significantly bigger than this.

That seems to big.. almost like there is a memory issue ie hitting a  
4gig limit and starting over or something weird or it is rebuilding it  
too many times.

>>> Considering how much I've had to build from src.rpms (shockingly, I've
>>> not yet found anything that actually failed to build cleanly), I'm
>>> half-tempted to put up a repository of my own when I'm done. Given that
>>> ARM netbooks are becoming more popular I'm sure I won't be the only one
>>> looking for these.
>> I was hoping the f13 would be released for xmas. :) but it appears like
>> f12 is going to be around a bit longer..
> I am reasonably eagerly awaiting F13, but will that build be any more
> complete than the F12 build is? If not, I need to be thinking about a
> rack of Sheeva Plugs (or maybe Panda Boards) for building the missing
> packages. :)

I think it will be more complete. You can supposedly get an account on  
the arm koji, but as mentioned my login did fail. I am assuming the  
certificate is wrong for the hostname or it isn't configured correctly  
somehow. You can view it by looking at  

> In all seriousness, though - it seems that ARM netbooks (and servers!)
> are very much imminently coming in numbers, and I think there should at
> least exist a possibility of a comfortable and complete RH/Fedora
> experience.

I'm hoping it can be a good possibility too. I'm cheap. I like the  
energy savings. :)

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