[fedora-arm] F14 qemu arm default board

Chris Tyler chris at tylers.info
Thu Dec 30 17:44:24 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-12-30 at 16:51 +0000, Gordan Bobic wrote:
> Chris Tyler wrote:
> >> *since we don't seem to support kickstart, and we don't have an  
> >> installer, you can really only import in an existing image. But hey it  
> >> is better then what we had!
> > 
> > The concept of an "installer" in ARM land is pretty limited. There is a
> > graphical installer for Sheeva/Guruplugs, but it's primarily a tool for
> > installing a kernel and prebuilt rootfs (it would be hard to package for
> > Fedora, too, since it contains an entire prebuilt Linux image for use
> > during bootstrapping, and building that from source would be Big).
> Sheeva can get a kernel image to boot via TFTP, so making an "installer" 
> kickstart a base image shouldn't be too difficult. the problem is 
> booting the installer in the first place.

You could boot an installer via TFTP, but why? These systems aren't
really strong for running software interactively -- you'd probably end
up on the serial console (which you have to use to get the TFTP boot
configured anyway).

I think that installing a rootfs via SD/microSD is a much lower-pain
option, and the right way forward is unifying the rootfs tools across
the various archs. A rootfs and a live CD/live USB image are pretty much
the same thing; we're currently using different tools on different
archs, and the current tools are broken in various ways (LiveUSB with
overlays stops with no notice and unrecoverable errors once the overlay
is full -- a big problem for Sugar on a Stick -- and the rootfs tools
for the secondary archs are different, many of them not using
kickstarts) -- it's time to refactor and unify.

I'm proposing a hackfest on this at FUDCon Tempe.


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