[fedora-arm] Fedora 15 ARM hardfp Virtual FAD (Fedora Activity Day) - TODAY

Jon Masters jcm at redhat.com
Fri Aug 26 13:51:38 UTC 2011


We are hosting another one of our regular Fedora 15 hardfp Virtual
Fedora Activity Day today Friday August 26th 2011, at 14:00UTC (10:00
Eastern Daylight Time). The purpose of this session is to co-ordinate
the continued bootstrap of F15 hardfp (hardware floating point).

Previously, we performed initial bootstrap (stage1), then proceeded to
get RPM working natively within an ARMv7 hardfp environment (stage2),
then got yum and mock working (stage3). We are now in what we are
calling "stage4" in which we are rebuilding the world of packages using
mock, but are not yet using Koji to do so - that will be stage5, the
final stage before we are able to say that we have completed bringup.

We need helping building packages within a mock environment for F15. To
do this, we have made your life as a (potential) volunteer somewhat more
straightforward through the creation of a standard image that you can
install onto an ARMv7 compatible board (tested on Panda, we believe this
should also work on Beagle, and can be made to run on Tegra-2 boards
like Trimslice with a replacement kernel - ask us for assistance). Once
you have done this, the resulting system will contain a simple script
that you can use to randomly retrieve a package that needs building and
have it build without you having to even issue a single mock command :)

To participate, visit the following link:


Follow the instructions contained within the readme file to extract the
"uboot", "boot", and "root" archives onto an SD Card for your device.
These instructions will destroy whatever is already installed. If you
are familiar with using chroots, you can also retrieve the "root" image
and chroot into it if you would prefer (after bind mounting /proc, /dev,
etc.). We generally prefer not using chroots at this stage however.

Once you have followed the setup instructions:

0). Configure /etc/sysconfig/network
and /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth* according to your setup.
The ones in that image statically assign "tenaya.bos.jonmasters.org".

1). Login to your board as root (password is "fedora"). Change the
password if you would like to do so.

2). Become the "builder" user. You can either "su - builder" or you can
"passwd builder", and then login remotely/on the console.

3). Optional, but recommended, use "screen -S builder" or similar to
start a screen session that you can leave running.

4). Run the simple building script: ./arm-rebuild.sh

5). Monitor the arm mailing list. It is likely that a newer version of
the builder script will be posted later today or before Monday. When
that happens, we may change the SSH keys used in the build image, which
would have the effect of forcing everyone to update. The purpose of that
being to prevent any existing builders running the older script version.
Instructions will be posted for updating a couple files will be posted.

Please join us on IRC: #fedora-arm on irc.freenode.org.

Further documentation will be provided on the Fedora ARM wiki today,
however this email should provide sufficient setup information now.


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