[fedora-arm] Upgrading koji builders for gnulib and standardisation

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 14:06:59 UTC 2011

Hi Seneca,

We're running into a bug with gnulib which is causing some issues with
a number of builds such as coreutils [1], findutils, gettext (at
least) and some packages that depend on those packages. Unfortunately
as its one of those horrible bundled everywhere libs its not as easy
as just upgrading it.

We need to get the koji builders standardised so we don't continue to
run into these and other issues (like bugs in different versions of
mock, kernels etc).

After losing all too much time over the weekend and chatting with
dgilmore can we please work to move all the builders to a config based
on the following to ensure the builders are as close to identical as
possible including:
- F-15 based sfp/hfp OS installs
- ext4 (see link below)
- decent amount of swap (2Gb+ as gcc needs 2Gb to properly compile
link, as does the likes of webkit, java, QT etc which means without
swap we're currently screwed on armv5tel).
- same kernels where possible but at least the same core config such
as ipv6 etc where not
- same versions of mock etc

Maybe we could come up with a rootfs tar ball which just needs a
kernel added. Also it looks to be a good time to review the setup for
/var/lib/mock and come up with an alternative that's not such a

I've seen a number of build problems over the weekend that were
explained by differing configs and that is somewhat concerning and
hindering forward progress.

Let me know how I can help get this in place ASAP.


[1] Details are outlined here

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