[fedora-arm] Meeting tomorrow at 3pm UTC (10am EST)

Chris Tyler chris at tylers.info
Wed Dec 7 22:54:18 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-12-07 at 13:25 -0500, Jon Masters wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to remind everyone about this meeting scheduled for
> tomorrow. Unfortunately, Chris cannot make this time slot so we will
> look to change it in future meetings if needed, but let's have a meeting
> tomorrow just to get some movement before the end of the week.

Actually, I'm going to skip my other meeting :-)

> 0). Package build status (Jon? Jared?)
> 	- How many packages are now build in Koji, which have failed.
> 	  how close are we to having the minimal install set?
> 1). Packages that require attention
> 	- We discussed gcc/glibc a bit so far
> 	- Also other packages, make sure everyone knows what's needed.
> 	- Timeline for being able to get these fixed.
> 2). Acceptable criteria for Fedora 15
> 	- We need to get this release out asap to get to rawhide
> 	- What is the minimal set from item 1 above we can take?
> 3). Plan for getting started with Rawhide work
> 	- Peter to help lead this effort, update us on strategy.
> 	- Need to target end of January pre-branch.
> 	- Backup plan for if we miss the branch.
> 4). Build system improvements
> 	- Keep to specific short term recommendations
> 	- Dennis suggests moving the database
> 	- Red Hat happy to fund some short lifespan SD Cards to move
> 	  buildroots temporarily while waiting on new server hardware. 

Brief pre-update on this...

- createrepo moved off HongKong to multiple x86 boxes
- postgresql moved to SSD on HongKong

New disks and SSDs are heading this way on Friday, so next week we'll be
spreading the load over more boxes and more spindles:

* HongKong
- koji hub + web
- no longer running the database and /mnt/koji NFS export

* Australia
- NFS export of scratch space for builders
- gains additional spindles

* Chile
- postgresql server (on SSD)

* Ireland
- /mnt/koji export (on SSD)
- createrepo

* England, NewZealand
- createrepo

This will involve some significant downtime next week (mail to follow
tomorrow afternoon).

> 5). Any other business.
> 	- Raspberry Pi update (perhaps next week from Chris)
> 	- OLPC update, other boards and systems
> 	- Planning for FUDCon in January (demo? hackathon?)

+I'd like to talk about build-drive visibility.


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