[fedora-arm] Status update on arm koji?

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 11:48:56 UTC 2011

Hi Chris and other Seneca people,

I'd like a status update on the state of the koji instance and all the
builders. The original advertised plans was to have 2 days of down
time for koji last week. It seems now we're closing in on a week now.
I applaud the general smoothness of the core upgrades it seems there's
a lot of hanging bits to close out the project so that we can actually
start building and there's been no update to the list as to the status
of it all and the expected timeframe to close these issues out.

There was issues with the external repository for the F-15 builds.
What's the status of this? Is it resynced and back online?

Builder status? there's basically none that are working at the moment.
What's the status of these? Are they running F-15 or F-13? What's the
timeframe to getting these all back online running native (as in not
chrooted) F-15 systems with standardised (as much as possible)
kernels? Is it going to be the next couple of days, this week, next
year? These are blocking both a number of core F-15 builds and any
beginning of rawhide.

Please can you keep the list updated as to all status and issues with
this critical piece of infrastructure for the Fedora ARM project as
you've previously indicated you would?


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