[fedora-arm] F13 Beta Repository Problems

Chris Tyler chris at tylers.info
Wed Mar 23 22:13:40 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-03-23 at 21:39 +0000, Matthew Wilson wrote:
> Hello,
> I now have a F13 Beta install on my IGEP board (BeagleBoard clone)
> with a custom-built kernel.  A big thank you to the efforts
> of everyone involved in F13 on ARM.
> However, at the weekend, I spotted some weird behaviour with yum.
> There are lots (too many to list here) of packages that are on the
> koji system but not available through the yum repo.  Installing
> certain packages will give a long list of unresolved dependencies; I
> then found those on koji, installed them manually, and then tried
> again.  I appreciate that this method is less than ideal (not least
> from the perspective of maintaining a consistent system).
> Some of the missing RPMs are from multi-RPM packages where the rest of
> the RPMs are (strangely) present in the repo.  Furthermore, there are
> a handful of F12 packages I had to install.
> Since then, I see that someone has renamed the
> /mash/beta/f13-arm-2011-02-21 directory to f13-arm-2011-02-21_hold,
> further breaking yum.
> What's the most useful thing I can do?  If it's a known issue, I'll
> sit tight until it's fixed.
> Many thanks,
> Matthew

Hi Matthew,

There were some storage issues on that server. Paul composed a new repo,
and now we just need a new fedora-release package due to a key change --
we should have one out within a few hours if you can hang tight.


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