[fedora-arm] Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix - Test 4

Chris Tyler chris at tylers.info
Sat Aug 4 03:00:10 UTC 2012

For those interested, a new test release of the Raspberry Pi Fedora
Remix is available from


Changes in this release:

- Image resize/swap space creation is now more reliable (note, however,
that it will take several minutes after the firstboot setup before the
resize/swap takes effect - the system may be used during this time). I
think we've probably nailed the last of the significant
firstboot/resize/swap issues.

- The image is now 1.852G in size and will fit a 2GB card (4GB or larger
card is recommended to allow plenty of space for data/extra
software/swap). The download is 665MB.

Next week we'll start performance tests with armv6 rebuilds (sfp & hfp)
and continue work on image size reduction and boot cutdown.


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