[fedora-arm] Agreed linker path changes still not in Fedora

Steve McIntyre steve.mcintyre at linaro.org
Fri Jun 8 16:51:13 UTC 2012

I've seen the log from [1] and I'm disappointed, to say the least. We
made an agreement about this several weeks ago [2] in a conference
call. Various of the people on the call claimed to be Red Hat / Fedora
ARM and toolchain folks who were both interested in working out a
reasonable answer to the linker path debate and empowered to implement
whatever was agreed. We had a productive discussion and quickly came
to an amicable agreement.

Since then, distros have done the work necessary to use the linker
path that was agreed, making changes in gcc and glibc packages. Some
people went with the initial patches that were proposed for the sake
of urgency, e.g. Ubuntu built using these initial patches for their
12.04 release. Given the all-party agreement on the meat of the
problem (the linker path itself), the finer details of the final
patches didn't matter so much. Others (Fedora) wanted to wait for the
patches to be accepted upstream before accepting them. That's also
understandable and reasonable. However, those patches have been
upstream for several weeks now and it seems nobody has cared enough to
pull them into Fedora yet.

To dispel a few misundestandings in the log:

 * Ubuntu have *already* shipped the linker path changes in 12.04,
   their latest LTS release

 * Debian and openSUSE are well on the way to releasing with these

 * The change is *not* just a symlink. There are *3* changes needed:

   + move/link the linker so that binaries built against the (agreed)
     standard linker path will work (so that binaries will work on
     your system)

   + change gcc's configuration to use the new (agreed) standard path
     by default, so that binaries built *on* your system will work
     elsewhere too

   + tweak glibc so that it will accept both the old and new soname
     for the dynamic linker, so that both old and new programs will
     work (saving the need for a complete rebuild of the distro before

*Every* major distro working on ARM has implemented what was agreed by
all of us in the conf call. Except Fedora. At this point, the message
*seems* to be that Fedora developers just do not care about working
with the rest of the community, and that's a real shame. Please, let's
work together to get this fixed.

[1] http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2012-06-06/fedora-meeting-1.2012-06-06-20.00.log.html
[2] https://wiki.linaro.org/OfficeofCTO/HardFloat/LinkerPathCallApr2012

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