[fedora-arm] still do not have sata root fs bootable on wandboard quad

Tim Fletcher tim at night-shade.org.uk
Sun Dec 8 12:03:57 UTC 2013

On 08/12/13 11:49, Ronald wrote:
> I run F20 root FS with F21 **3.12.1-2.fc21.armv7hl **kernel. (see
> http://www.swissdutch.ch:4999/ ) on my Wandboard quad.
> I cannot boot from sata, as the root FS is being mounted about 4 seconds
> before the sata device is ready during the fedora boot process.
> (And yes, I understand uSD card is needed for uboot, kernel, mouting
> /boot fs etc. That is perfectly acceptable - I just want the root FS and
> swap to be coming from Sata for obvious reasons).
> I try to understand the magics of Fedora boot, initramfs and the likes.
> It seems I need to get a PhD for this! ;-)
> *Question*: how do I ensure the root fs is mounted /AFTER /the sata
> device is ready???
> Some people suggested adding a sleep command ro a dependency - my
> question is where and how in the initramfs do I do such a thing???
> (again, when booting pointing the root fs to the sd card, the sata is
> working fine at the first login as seen with fdisk -l).

does rootwait=10 help or is that a debian thing?

Tim Fletcher <tim at night-shade.org.uk>

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