[fedora-arm] Pandaboard ES and Fedora

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 12:21:14 UTC 2013


> I've been a happy user of Fedora 19 on a Pandaboard.  However, I'm keen to
> upgrade to Fedora 20, and I'd also really like to get Fedora working on our
> Pandaboard ES rev B3 boards (the ones with the dodgy memory chip).
> I know that the topic was previously discussed briefly on this list back in
> August, but I was wondering whether anyone's aware of any work being done
> on Fedora on Pandaboard or any progress being made since then.  I'd
> especially be interested in any info that's been gathered that points to
> where, exactly, the problem lies...

Oh I wish there was news or an answer, believe me if there was I would
be screaming about it here and elsewhere.

omap4/panda in general is currently is a terrible state since 3.11 as
it was converted from a traditional board file to DT without any
change over period and the later IMO was poorly tested by those doing
it. Panda went from hero to zero in Fedora overnight.

I've got two different Panda ES boards. One is prototype and one is
the last rev and neither work, nor does the original Panda and ES that
pwhalen has. I keep poking at it randomly with test kernels of random
bits as time permits but I'm yet to get any working combination but I
have limited time. Rest assured if I get it working I'll be posting
the details of what kernel is needed here.

> Please also let me know if this is the wrong mailing list to be asking on!

No, it's the correct spot to ask :-)


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