[fedora-arm] Fedora 20 for Raspberry Pi????

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Mon Dec 23 21:12:38 UTC 2013

On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 11:51:13AM -0600, Jon wrote:
> To make a comparison:
> * Fedora does not offer support for older i486 processors.
> * The Raspberry Pi is like that, using an old (out dated) ARMv6 CPU.
> Hope that helps clarify.
> Raspberry PI are based on obsolete technology.

The RPi works fine for many people.  2.3 million have been sold.

I think we should be honest about the real reason: Either we have to
maintain two sets of packages or we have to make everyone on the newer
and faster armv7 suffer with unoptimized binaries, and we don't want
to do either of those things.


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