[fedora-arm] Fedora on ARM in community projects?

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 22:42:24 UTC 2013


Hi Clive,

> I did post an intro to this list a couple of months back, letting you
> all know that we were using Fedora as the basis for our Squeezebox
> compatible Community Squeeze Player project (on Wandboard). Our F20
> image is days away from release.....

I remember seeing this and adding it to my list to investigate further
both because I own Squeezeboxes and because of the use of Fedora and
in particular ARM.

> A big change for us, moving from a FSL 3.0.35 kernel on our previous
> F18/F19 images to a mainline 3.12 kernel. (The fact that NetworkManager
> has been fixed, so that NetworkManager-wait-online, actually works and
> does what it says on the tin, before systemd starts a bunch of
> services/shares that depend on the network being available, was my last
> "can't release an F20 image until this works". ;))

Out of interest in the future would you be interested in using the
mainline Fedora kernels? I say the future as I'm aware up until now
there hasn't been the support.

I would be interested in feedback as to what would help you to go this
route as we move towards stabilising and maturing the i.MX6 and
Wandboard support. Also with other i.MX6 devices such as the Utilite
and Cubox-i becoming available will you be looking at expanding your
supported HW, would kernel support in Fedora assist you in doing that?

Finally is there other non kernel things that we can assist with that
would make it easier for the project to use Fedora ARM, or Fedora in

> And yes, not that it was ever a secret, (but not something that we go
> out of our way to publicise either), that as well as the arm repo for
> our Community Squeeze Player project, we also package and maintain an
> community "spin" of LMS (and squeezelite player software, jivelite
> controller software) for the desktop platforms (F19/F20 i386/x86_64).

That was music to my ears to see (pun intended :-P )


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