[fedora-arm] Black Bootable image

Jon jdisnard at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 07:11:22 UTC 2013


> Unless there is a change of course you are fighting a loosing battle. Ubuntu
> are less strict about how they put things together, and have had a
> satisfactory installer for the BeagleBone Black pretty much from its release
> date. That means almost all BeagleBone users are using Ubuntu, and only a
> handful of determined Fedora users like me are even testing Fedora on this
> hardware. A small pool of testers is not a recipe for success.

They (whatever other distro) can enjoy maintaining the patches to make
things work.
Fedora will continue to follow upstream kernel, based on principles.
I personally used to spin remix images for BBB and carry patches, but
it's just silly.

We need the bits to be upstream.... this has always been a win (not a
loosing battle).
So pardon my very public disagreement with you... it just seems that
we are not actually competing with other distros, but doing the right
thing the hard way. Ultimately everyone wins in the end. We are
willing to lose a popularity contest to maintain principles. And; by
maintaining principles the entire community (at large) wins!

For example, we are at the forefront of multi-platform support for ARM  kernel.
I believe the upstream devs cite Fedora as a great development
platform in that (MP) regard.
(your miles may vary)

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