[fedora-arm] Pi2B remix

Clive Messer clive.m.messer at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 13:39:49 UTC 2015


I'm currently uploading a new set of images.... (Still in progress) When
done, the Xfce image will be available from...


and the KDE image from...


These images have had the rootfs pre resized for an 8GB card. So don't
try putting on a smaller card unless you "diddle" with the image, prior
to dd'ing it to a card.

These images use the Fedora 21-5 image as base, but have been yum
updated, so packages are current as of today, and have the kernel-*
packages replaced with raspberrypi-kernel-*.

The pre-installed rasbperrypi-kernel package is current as of this
morning. (Did a rpi-3.18.y kernel source pull from PiF github and built
new packages.)

Root password is "pidora". 

The KDE image default hostname is "fidora-kde-remix", which assuming you
plug a network cable in before you boot, will mean you can ssh into it
"ssh root at fidora-kde-remix", if not using monitor/keyboard.

The XFCE images default hostname is "fidora-xfce-remix", so avahi will
advertise as "fidora-xfce-remix.local".

My connection is slow, getting the images up to the server. More images
will be uploaded later today, Minimal and LXDE.

Adrian, yes I was aware of the "other" script to create a Fedora armv7hl
image for Pi2B. The main difference being, that instead of "blatting"
binaries pulled from PiF firmware github onto the "base" image,
everything Pi specific, (aside from boot firmware, which we don't have
source for), on these images I am making is compiled with Fedora flags,
RPM packaged and can be updated using the usual Fedora mechanisms. (eg.

PS. I did ask once before, but noticed yesterday links to the previous
"test" images have been posted to the PiF forum..... Please don't post
links! Pretty please! When ready, I'll post an announcement to the PiF
Pidora/Fedora sub-forum, with links to get the images.

PS2. If you get 404 on the images, they haven't finished uploading. Try
again later.


Clive Messer <clive.m.messer at gmail.com>

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