[fedora-arm] New Raspberry Pi 2 with ARM v7 processor

User Digital user0007 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 22 17:40:19 UTC 2015

Fedora is running indeed on RPI2 - you may use Berryboot - Boot menu / OS installer for ARM devices (http://sourceforge.net/projects/berryboot/).    The Berryboot web site is http://www.berryterminal.com/doku.php/berryboot    It is needed to download 32.8MB zip file and to copy the unzipped files to a FAT or FAT32 formated microSD card. Then you may add to the Berryboot main menu the existing Fedora ARM 21 OS with MATE desktop. It is running very well, the desktop is nice and fast, Firefox v.33.1 is already pre-installed (Raspbian OS has only old Firefox version Iceweasel).  Audio hardware should be added.  The previous version included in Berryboot was Fedora 18 with xfce desktop - it was running very well too on RPI2.
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