[Request for Comments] Governance change for Fedora Project

Haïkel hguemar at fedoraproject.org
Fri Aug 15 18:20:59 UTC 2014

Dear contributors,

Following the current discussion about governance, a proposal to
change the governance model of the project has been made during the
"Governance for Fedora.Next workshop" in Flock Prague 2014.
We request your feedbacks about before considering its adoption or rejection.

* dissolving the current board
* the board will be replaced by a "community council" (final name to be chosen)
* the community council will be the main governance body of the Fedora
Project, its role will be to define a shared vision accross the
project and the highest decision-making power. That also includes
technical decisions.
* the community council will be composed of representatives and
advisers best suited to help guide the FPL in achieving the project's
* groups will be defined based on the existing groups within the
Fedora Project in order to have every stakeholders represented by the
* the community council will serve as an advisory board to the FPL,
decision making will be the latter prerogative based on the council
feedbacks and his own judgement.
* community council members should be leaders and doers whom will be
able to drive and advocate the changes by the FPL for most efficiency.
* community council members will serve until either they or the FPL
feel that they should leave their seat to someone else according the
project agenda.
* All the existing steering committees will continue to function as
before until the community council decide otherwise.

After a public discussion open to all FedoraProject contributors, the
board will vote this proposal either as-is or amended based on *your
You'll find attached the slides shown during the workshop and a
piratepad with a transcript of the discussion.

slides: https://toshio.fedorapeople.org/flock/Governance.odp
transcript: http://piratepad.net/Flock2014Governance

To avoid fragmenting the debate, please keep the discussion on the
@board-discuss list.

Best regards,
Fedora Board

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