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     * 1 Fedora Weekly News Issue 258
           o 1.1 Announcements
                 + 1.1.1 Fedora Announcement News
                       # Your input requested at the Fedora
Board IRC meeting this Friday
                 + 1.1.2 Fedora Development News
                       # evolution-data-server (2.91.5) soname
bump and library files location changes in Rawhide
                       # gtk2 2.99.0
                       # bodhi v0.7.10 production update
                             * Backend bug fixes
                             * Web frontend changes
                             * API changes (for AutoQA)
                             * Tool changes
                       # New test case and package test plan
creation SOPs in production: call for test cases!
                       # EPEL6 moving from Beta to release
status soon
                             * Timeline:
                             * Work/help needed:
                 + 1.1.3 Fedora Events
                       # Upcoming Events (Dec 2010 - Feb 2011)
                       # Past Events
                       # Additional information
           o 1.2 Ambassadors
                 + 1.2.1 Summary of traffic on Ambassadors mailing list
                 + 1.2.2 Summary of events reported on Ambassadors
mailing list
                 + 1.2.3 Summary of traffic on FAmSCo mailing list
           o 1.3 QualityAssurance
                 + 1.3.1 Test Days
                 + 1.3.2 Test case management system proposal and
           o 1.4 Security Advisories
                 + 1.4.1 Fedora 14 Security Advisories
                 + 1.4.2 Fedora 13 Security Advisories

- Fedora Weekly News Issue 258 -

Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 258[1] for the week ending January
12, 2010. What follows are some highlights from this issue.

We have a shorter issue this week as several teams are still ramping up
after the year-end break. In announcements, a call for input at Friday
Fedora Board IRC meeting, and development announcements for evolution
data server, gtk2, and a heads up that EPEL 6 will be moving to beta
soon. In Ambassador news, one new Ambassador this week, representing
Bangladesh. Also a summary of list traffic from both the Ambassadors and
FAMScO lists. Quality Assurance reports on Fedora 15 Test Days planning,
with the first test day scheduled at the end of January. Our issue wraps
up with details on the security-related packages released this past week
for Fedora 13 and 14. Enjoy!

An audio version of some issues of FWN - FAWN - are available! You can
listen to existing issues[2] on the Internet Archive. If anyone is
interested in helping spread the load of FAWN production, please contact us!

If you are interested in contributing to Fedora Weekly News, please see
our 'join' page[3]. We welcome reader feedback: news em lists.fedoraproject.org

FWN Editorial Team: Pascal Calarco, Adam Williamson

    1. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/Issue258
    2. http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A%22FWN%22
    3. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/NewsProject/Join

-- Announcements --

In this section, we cover announcements from the Fedora Project,
including general announcements[1], development announcements[2] and

Contributing Writer: Rashadul Islam

    1. http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/
    2. http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel-announce/
    3. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events

--- Fedora Announcement News ---

The announcement list is always exclusive for the Fedora Community.
Please, visit the past announcements at[1]

    1. https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/announce

---- Your input requested at the Fedora Board IRC meeting this Friday ----

Fedora Project Leader Jared K. Smith[1] announced[2] on Thu Jan 6
13:04:42 UTC 2011,

"Over the past few months, the Fedora Board has focused on coming up
with two or three overarching goals that can be accomplished over the
next few release cycles. We've got a fairly healthy list of goals at
this point, and welcome your input in helping us decide which two or
three goals are most important. The Fedora Board will be having its
bi-weekly IRC meeting this coming Friday, and we invite you to attend
that meeting and share your input with us. Instead of our normal
question and answer session, we'll instead focus on prioritizing our
list of goals.

The meeting is in the #fedora-board-meeting channel on the Freenode IRC
network at 2:00pm EST (19:00 UTC). In order to keep the meeting
organized and easy to follow, we ask that participants follow the
instructions in the "General Rules" section of [3]."

    1. Jared K. Smith jsmith at fedoraproject.org
    3. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board_public_IRC_meetings

--- Fedora Development News ---

The development list[1] is intended to be a LOW TRAFFIC announce-only
list for Fedora development.

Acceptable Types of Announcements

     * Policy or process changes that affect developers.
     * Infrastructure changes that affect developers.
     * Tools changes that affect developers.
     * Schedule changes
     * Freeze reminders

Unacceptable Types of Announcements

     * Periodic automated reports (violates the INFREQUENT rule)
     * Discussion
     * Anything else not mentioned above

    1. https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/devel-announce

---- evolution-data-server (2.91.5) soname bump and library files
location changes in Rawhide ----

Milan Crha[1] announced [2] on Mon Jan 10 10:06:25 UTC 2011,

"with the recent evolution-data-server 2.91.5 release in Rawhide are
done some internal changes in the soname versions and a location where
the backend files for the addressbook and calendar should be saved.

 From the commit log:

Change the installation path for E-D-S backends.

Address book and calendar backend modules are now split into different
installation directories so the D-Bus factory processes will only load
relevant backend modules.

This changes some pkg-config details for third-party backend modules.

Instead of querying the backend directory with: pkg-config
--variable=extensiondir evolution-data-server-1.2

you must query the directory for address book backends with: pkg-config
--variable=backenddir libedata-book-1.2

and the directory for calendar backends with: pkg-config
--variable=backenddir libedata-cal-1.2"

    1. Milan Crha mcrha at redhat.com

---- gtk2 2.99.0 ----

Matthias Clasen[1] on Mon Jan 10 20:00:33 UTC 2011 announced[2],

"I have just tagged gtk3-2.99.0 into rawhide. There are abi and api
changes, so all dependent packages will have to be rebuilt (the most
obvious change is that the libraries are now called libg[dt]k-3.0.so
instead of libg[gt]k-x11-3.0.so).

There are a number of api changes that I am not going to list one-by-one
here, the following changes are relevant for packagers:

     * gtk-update-icon-cache-3.0 and gtk-builder-convert-3.0 have been
dropped (since they were identical to their un-suffixed cousins in the
gtk2 package). If you are using gtk-update-icon-cache in %post of a
gtk3-using package, you should add Requires(post):
/usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache (and similar for %postun).

     * The .pc files no longer define a 'target' variable, instead there
is a 'targets' variable which can contain multiple gdk backend names
(for now, it is still just 'x11', eventually it might change to be 'x11
wayland' or so). Some configure scripts use that variable to detect the
platform they are running on and will need adjustment.

I have built most packages that had a gtk3 dependency already, and
tagged them into rawhide. The following are the leftovers:

     * gtkmm30
     * libindicator-gtk3
     * tracker
     * gedit
     * gnome-color-manager
     * gnome-nettool
     * gtk-vnc2
     * eekboard
     * input-pad
     * ibus-input-pad
     * seahorse-plugins
     * rhythmbox"

    1. Matthias Clasen mclasen at redhat.com

---- bodhi v0.7.10 production update ----

Luke Macken[1] on Mon Jan 10 23:46:02 UTC 2011 announced[2],

"I just pushed a new release of bodhi into production.


It's a minor release that contains a small number of fixes, including:

---- Backend bug fixes ----

     * Don't try and remove the -pending koji tags when resuming a push
     * Don't fetch security bug details when resuming a push
     * Don't show obsolete critpath updates in our testing digest
     * Ensure the updateinfo epoch is '0' as opposed to None (rel-eng#3971)
     * Stop spamming proventesters with old critpath mails, as this data
is available in the updates-testing digests that go out with each push

---- Web frontend changes ----

     * Fix the testing status tooltips for EPEL (#486)
     * Add the update ID back to the search results (#558)
     * Don't hide updates that are not approved by the security team
from the admin push view, since we no longer require approval

---- API changes (for AutoQA) ----

     * Support querying and commenting on updates by the Update ID, as
well as title

---- Tool changes ----

     * Make `bodhi --push-type` work for updates going to testing as
well as stable (rel-eng only)
     * Add pkg_resources __requires__ hacks to get things working on F14

As always, please file tickets here:


    1. Luke Macken lmacken at redhat.com
    3. http://bodhi.fedoraproject.org

---- New test case and package test plan creation SOPs in production:
call for test cases! ----

Adam Williamson[1] on Tue Jan 11 13:21:02 UTC 2011 announced[2],

"Hi, everyone. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback on the drafts for
the test case and package test plan creation SOPs. I have now put these
SOPs into production, at the following addresses:

[3] [4]

I have created links to them from other places in the QA wiki space. It
would be nice to have them called out from within the developers/package
maintainers space, but I'm not sure where would be appropriate: does
anyone have suggestions?

Now these are in production, it would be great if people could start
contributing test cases for packages, particularly test cases covering
critical path functions. If you maintain a critical path package, please
take a look at these two SOPs, and consider contributing test cases
covering at least the critical path functionality of your package; this
would help us greatly, and contribute to the improvement of critical
path testing by the proven testers. For the QA group, please also
consider contributing critical path test cases - you don't have to be a
maintainer of a package to do it! If you know how to test the critical
path functionality of a given package, please read the SOPs, write up
test case(s) to do it, and categorize them appropriately. Thanks a lot!"

    1. Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
    3. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:SOP_test_case_creation
    4. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:SOP_package_test_plan_creation

--- EPEL6 moving from Beta to release status soon ---

Kevin Fenzi [1] on Tue Jan 11 21:33:21 UTC 2011 announced[2],


Just a heads up that EPEL will soon be moving it's EPEL6 branch from the
Beta mode (like rawhide) that it's been in to a release mode (like
EPEL4/5 are). (I have cc'ed Fedora's devel-announce here as there may be
people not on the epel-devel list that might find this of interest).

---- Timeline: ----

2011-01-13 - Have any builds you wish done before release done. After
this point you will need to request a package be tagged into the stable
or testing repos or wait until bodhi is up for EPEL6.

2011-01-14 - EPEL rel-eng will work on composing and moving things
around. This may include untagging packages that have broken deps, or
moving them into testing, test composing, etc. Hopefully we can mirror
out trees.

2011-01-15 2011-01-16 - Maintainers encouraged to check new trees and
help with wiki prep, etc.

2011-01-17 - Bodhi will be enabled for EPEL6 and things will move to a
release mode: All packages spend 2 weeks in testing or +3 karma, bodhi
is used for updates, buildroot overrides are required as usual.

2011-01-18 - RELEASE DAY. Help with press release or announcements would
be welcome.

---- Work/help needed: ----

     * Would be great if someone could make us a press release and had a
way to distribute it out.
     * We need work on our wiki pages. A EPEL6 FAQ would be very nice.
     * Maintainers need to determine what packages they want to ship for
EPEL6. If you do not want to ship whats there now, please untag it
before thursday.

Feel free to drop by #epel on freenode or drop an email to the [3]

Thanks for all the work folks, and enjoy EPEL6!"

    1. Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
    3. https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/epel-devel-list

--- Fedora Events ---

Fedora events are the exclusive and source of marketing, learning and
meeting all the fellow community people around you. So, please mark your
agenda with the following events to consider attending or volunteering
near you!

---- Upcoming Events (Dec 2010 - Feb 2011) ----

     * North America (NA)[1]
     * Central & South America (LATAM): [2]
     * Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)[3]
     * India, Asia, Australia (India/APJ)[4]


---- Past Events ----

Archive of Past Fedora Events[1]

    1. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/PastEvents

---- Additional information ----

     * Reimbursements -- reimbursement guidelines.
     * Budget -- budget for the current quarter (as distributed by FAMSCo).
     * Sponsorship -- how decisions are made to subsidize travel by
community members.
     * Organization -- event organization, budget information, and
regional responsibility.
     * Event reports -- guidelines and suggestions.
     * LinuxEvents -- a collection of calendars of Linux events.

-- Ambassadors --

This section covers the news surrounding the Fedora Ambassadors Project[1].

Contributing Writer: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

    1. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors

This week the Fedora Ambassadors Project had a new member joining.

Moniruzzaman Monir from Bangladesh mentored by Caius Chance

--- Summary of traffic on Ambassadors mailing list ---

Max Spevack informed [1] about post FOSDEM Super Bowl party at Brussels

Bertrand Juglas informed [2] about the non-selection of the Lightning
Talk at FOSDEM 2011

Caius Chance provided responses [3] to "Flood in Brisbane" questions

Note: For a reasonably current update on the situation one can click
here [4]

Bogomil Shopov and others worked out room sharing details at FOSDEM [5]

Paul W Frields forwarded [6] a query from Cheryn Tan at Red Hat's
Brisbane office for Fedora 14 media required for Linux.conf.au. Harish
Pillay responded [7] with the information and status update on the media


--- Summary of events reported on Ambassadors mailing list ---

No events were reported for this cycle of the Ambassadors Beat

--- Summary of traffic on FAmSCo mailing list ---

Larry Cafiero posted [1] the Minutes/Log from FAmNA meeting [2] on

Pierros Papadeas posted [3] FAmSCo Agenda for 2011-01-08 meeting with
mention of the Ambassador SOPs [4] Joerg Simon requested [5] that the
FAmSCo also put a priority to goals

Max Spevack (re-)introduced [6] Harish Pillay to FAmSCo as the person
designated to be the primary point of contact for community related
issues in the APAC region.

Joerg Simon asked the FAmSCo [7] about continuing with the monthly reports

Pierros Papadeas posted [8] Minutes of the FAmSCo meeting on 2011-01-08 [9]

Igor Pires Soares posted [10] about a possible topic structure for the
monthly reports from FAmSCo

David Nalley wrote [11] about a meeting with the Board with specific
focus on the goals FAmSCo would like to achieve within the next release
or two

    4. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors_SOPs

-- Quality Assurance --

In this section, we cover the activities of the QA team[1]. For more
information on the work of the QA team and how you can get involved, see
the Joining page[2].

Contributing Writer: Adam Williamson

    1. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA
    2. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Join

--- Test Days ---

The Fedora 15 Test Day calendar is starting to take shape, and you can
see what events are planned so far on the Wiki page[1]. The first Test
Day slot is 2011-01-27. If you would like to propose a main track Test
Day for the Fedora 15 cycle, please contact the QA team via email or
IRC, or file a ticket in QA Trac[2]. This week, Adam Williamson
rescheduled the Graphics Test Week to late February and created the
pages for it[3]. Rui He proposed a preupgrade Test Day[4].

    1. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Fedora_15_test_days
    2. http://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/
    3. http://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/156
    4. http://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/161

--- Test case management system proposal and requirements ---

Rui He continued to work on evaluating the possibility of a test case
management system (TCMS) for Fedora. There was some useful feedback on
the trac ticket[1] and Rui updated the Wiki page comparing the current
Wiki-based system with the Nitrate TCMS[2].

    1. http://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/152
    2. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Rhe/tcms_Comparison

-- Security Advisories --

In this section, we cover Security Advisories from
fedora-package-announce from the past week.


Contributing Writer: Pascal Calarco

--- Fedora 14 Security Advisories ---

     * pyfribidi-0.10.0-1.fc14 -
     * wordpress-mu-2.9.2-2.fc14 -
     * evince-2.32.0-3.fc14 -
     * wordpress-2.8.6-3.fc14 -
     * collectd-4.9.4-1.fc14 -
     * pidgin-2.7.9-1.fc14 -

--- Fedora 13 Security Advisories ---

     * pyfribidi-0.10.0-1.fc13 -
     * wordpress-mu-2.9.2-2.fc13 -
     * webkitgtk-1.2.6-1.fc13 -
     * pidgin-2.7.9-1.fc13 -
     * wordpress-2.8.6-3.fc13 -

Pascal Calarco, Fedora Ambassador, Indiana, USA

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