[PATCH] Makefile.common: add scratch build targets

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Wed Jul 11 16:02:50 UTC 2007

On Mi Juli 11 2007, Dennis Gilmore wrote:

> Rather than have a check for koji's existence in each target, i would
> perfer a target to check for koji and have the makefile call that.  Then if
> the location to get information changes or we switch out koji and go to
> something else we only need to update information in one place.

Yes, I thought of this, too. Here is a patch that adds also a target 
koji-check, that checks for koji and also depends on build-check and 
$(COMMON_DIR)/branches, which all other koji build targets have in common. 
Also I added it to the chain-build target because afaik only koji supports 

Do you maybe know a way to unify the redundant koji commandlines? This is 
something that may be improved, imho, but I do not know, whether or not there 
is an elegant way to do this with make.

@$(BUILD_CLIENT) build --scratch $(BUILD_FLAGS) $(TARGET) '$(CVS_URL)'
@$(BUILD_CLIENT) build --scratch --arch-override=$* $(BUILD_FLAGS) 

Is there are reason why all the targets should depend 
on "$(COMMON_DIR)/branches"? Maybe this can be dropped completely.

Also imho the variable BUILD_CLIENT should be renamed to KOJI_CLIENT, I can 
provide a patch for this, too.

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