Grub install error when the installation Finish

Francisco André distro at
Mon Jun 11 14:25:58 UTC 2007

Jesse Keating escreveu:
> On Monday 11 June 2007 09:03:49 Francisco André wrote:
>> I noticed that it seems that the script are looking for grub in the
>> folder /sbin/grub but it is on the folder /usr/sbin/grub. I don't know
>> if it's the problem, but for this time this is the maximum debug that I
>> can get and show to you ok!
> Make sure that grub is in your manifest.  The kernel doesn't have a direct  
> requires on it as different boot loaders can be used.
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Hi! Thanks a lot. It's my first time that I make a custom distro so I 
need to get this tips! The isntallation is ok for now, I need to change 
some packages and custom it a bit more but I

think I'm on the right way!

Thanks again! you tip works!

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