[RFC] mock release plans

Clark Williams williams at redhat.com
Tue Jun 12 20:09:19 UTC 2007

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Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 June 2007 15:35:43 Michael E Brown wrote:
>> Proposal #3: mock 0.7 release
>>     We are overdue for a release. To that end, I will tag the current
>> master branch as 0.7 for release. I will push mock 0.7 to rawhide. After
>> a period of time in rawhide (one week?), I will create a release for
>> Fedora 7 to push into updates-testing/. Announcements will be sent to
>> the lists for each of these releases.
> I'd rather not wait for a rawhide timeout to get it into updates-testing for 
> Fedora 7/6.  I've done some extensive testing and I'm satisfied with it 
> myself, but want to get it into updates-testing asap for Fedora 7.  Fedora 6 
> doesn't have a -testing for Extras packages so that's a bit more risky, I'd 
> be OK with delaying that one a bit.  So instead I'd propose a release to 
> rawhide and updates-testing ASAP, give it a short time or enough good 
> feedback before releasing to Extras 6 and stable updates 7.

I agree that we need to get this one to updates-testing as soon as
possible (entirely because we've gone too long without pushing bugfixes).

I think our normal mode should be to push to rawhide, wait a bit for the
screaming to die down (maybe fix a few bugs), then push to
updates-testing. Is that the intended flow of events?

>> We will implement the above after signoff by Clark Williams and Jesse
>> Keating.
> I sign off on the policy, and apologize for the duplicate -jesse branches.

I sign off as well.

Not a problem about the branches; we just realized after talking that we
needed a policy on how it should be done and it seemed like we'd be "in
a maze of twisty branches, all alike" if we didn't set a policy.


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