pungi newbie comments

Skahan, Vince vince.skahan at boeing.com
Wed Jun 13 23:31:21 UTC 2007

Let me just start with 'Wow' :-)

After a few false starts figuring out how things were put together under
the hood between yum and pungi, I successfully got a respin of a fully
patched FC6+updates done in only a few hours start to finish.  'Very'
cool stuff.

Biggest problem I had was figuring out the admittedly (in hindsight)
very few commands/edits needed to get the job done, as the docs in the
wiki and other web references I could have were very cryptic at best.
Some kind of a "getting started with pungi' doc with a simple, clear,
concise, complete set of steps to follow sure would have helped.

Is there such a document ?   Any interest in me drafting what I did to
start cooking up such a newbie's guide ?

Lastly, is there any plan to have pungi be able to build live-cd images
as well as the distro images ?  I have a coworker who's fiddling around
with the live-cd creator stuff in FC7 and we both thought that unifying
the toolset might be worth thinking about.

------ vince.skahan at boeing.com ------

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