pungi used to create CD that includes a kickstart file [PATCH]

Martin Steinmann msteinmann at vesbridge.com
Thu Jun 14 13:57:38 UTC 2007

>On Thursday 14 June 2007 09:15:30 Joel Andres Granados wrote:
>> What I propose is a simple (I think its simple:) patch to address this
>> issue.  Give the user the possibility to add *one*
>> directory to the tree.  This directory contains whatever and is
>> specified in the config file as extra_dir.
>> Patch is attached
>> comments greatly appreciated
>While possibly reasonable for one directory, as soon as you make this 
>capability, somebody is going to want multiple directories, or directories + 
>files, or....
>I guess the point I'm trying to make is that there is already a method in 
>place to handle getting extra files/dirs into the tree, and there is even 
>more value to having them in package form to be installed on the system as 
>well.  I really don't want to support N+ convenience methods for doing the 
>same thing as that's code duplication and easy places for bugs to popup, and 
>more places to have to change things in the future.

Having everyting packaged is a very nice and pure approach, but IMHO it might not be user friendly enough for people to create appliances. To package everything requires a different skill set. Consider this: In order to have Anaconda start with a kickstart file, the file isolinux.cfg needs to be modified (add the kickstart kernel parameter, change the splash screen). In order to package this, I would have to go through these steps (I think):

- Find the RPM package that provides isolinux.cfg (I haven't found it yet)
- Patch the source and create a new custom package
- Substitute the original package with the new one in the comps file, so that the original one does not get loaded as a mandatory package
- Maintain that custom package going forward (It needs a different name so that yum update does not load the original one back, but that could mess up other packages that depend on it - don't know yet)

The alternative seems much easier: Copy the altered isolinux.cfg file into the tree after buildinstall. Although I do agree that packaging all this is the cleaner approach.

To create an appliance pungi needs to offer the ability to customize the stage 1 installation process. The stage 2 installation process can then be customized using a regular kickstart file. Althoigh I haven't yet gotten to customizing the stage2 graphics and might run into other issues there.

My five cents :)

>Jesse Keating
>Release Engineer: Fedora
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