problems installing on sata controllers

Francisco André distro at
Sat Jun 16 15:05:37 UTC 2007

Hi all! I'm having some problems when I install fedora 7 using kickstart 
in a custom distro.

1 - It never install if the machine use a sis contrller IDE or SATA. It 
seems that the partitions is created but whrn anaconda try to format the 
partitions all partitions is removed again and the installer only gives 
me a reboot option!

2 - I'm need to put some custom packages on the distro. I've edited the 
comps-f7.xml and add the custom packages, but when the install starts 
anaconda complains that all the custom packages that I add was not found 
on the cd. I'm sure that the packages is on the Fedora directory of the CD.

Thanks for you help!

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