caching packages on koji builder

Mike McLean mikem at
Thu Nov 6 14:28:23 UTC 2008

Dan Horák wrote:
> Mike McLean píše v St 05. 11. 2008 v 15:14 -0500:
>> So..
>> - repodata location determined by topurl/topdir options
>> - rpm location determined by pkgurl option on the builder that created 
>> the repo.
>> I admit, this is a bit of a mess.
> And I am lost there :-)
> Squid runs, url_rewriter works and I am still unable to cache the
> packages. What value is placed into the mock generated yum config?

Look at the repo in question, use zless to view primary.xml.gz. Search 
for 'base=' -- the value of this field is determined by the pkgurl 
setting of the builder that created the repo.

Regardless of how yum gets the repo, once it sees this in the metadata, 
it will use this base url to download the rpms. You need to make sure 
that this hits your squid server instead of the remote http server. 
There are a couple ways you might do this.

1 - change the pkgurl setting on all your builders and regenerate all 
your repos.

2 - leave pkgurl as-is, but use an iptables redirect on your builders to 
map it to the local squid proxy.

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