new koji instance: where is the Makefile.common ?

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Mon Nov 10 01:53:14 UTC 2008

On Sunday 09 November 2008 06:31:13 pm Frederic Beuserie wrote:
> Hi,
> just set up a new koji instance for our internal buildsystem (until
> now, we were using mdvsys/mock/createrepo and some control scripts).
> i've noticed the use of a Makefile.common in various documentation
> (,
> "Building with make targets")
it lives in the common module of fedora cvs

> i would like to have a look on that. is there any url available ? i've
> looked at fedora-packager on fedorahosted but the file is not there.
> another question:
> i'm using right now a subversion instance for storing all the packages
> stuff (all sources rpms, sources files (specs, ...) and binary rpms).
> the layout it the
> one used by MDVSYS perl module.
> since i've quite a lot of data in this subversion repo, is there any
> chance to reuse the old layout with Koji ? is koji capable of working
> with various SCM layout ?
as long as you pass it the right path/module and make srpm works it should 
work just fine.


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