Reimporting deleted builds into Koji

Mike McLean mikem at
Wed Dec 15 21:58:54 UTC 2010

On 12/15/2010 02:56 PM, Mike McLean wrote:
> There's the resetBuild call, which was intended to allow a build to be
> rebuilt, but while rebuilding over such a reset build works, reimporting
> does not. On the rare occasion I've needed to do this I issued a
> resetBuild, manually set the build's state to 1 (complete) in the db,
> then reimported.

Addendum: rather then mucking around in the db, you can tweak the 
build's state by calling createEmptyBuild. So something like this should 

koji call resetBuild foobar-1.0-1
koji call createEmptyBuild foobar 1.0 1 None
# name version release epoch
koji import somedir/*.rpm

> I should caution that the resetBuild call is somewhat dangerous as it
> has few safety checks and deletes data. This is why there is no cli
> handler for it (though it works fine via the 'call' handler). It is
> intended to be rarely used, it at all.

again, please be cautious when using the resetBuild call.

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