Running mash in Koji

Mathieu Bridon bochecha at
Tue Sep 24 04:38:44 UTC 2013


Dennis Gilmore has been talking for some time about how he'd like to run
Mash in Koji tasks, instead of the set of scripts releng currently uses.

So I started working on this, and I got to the point where it actually
works, but I have a few questions before I can finish it and submit the

1. What would be an appropriate weight for this new task?

At the moment I'm just using the default, but given that mashing can be
quite intensive, it might be better to increase that. I have no idea on
what would be the right number, though.

2. What would be the appropriate permissions to run this task?

Right now, the task requires the user to be an admin. Should I introduce
a new 'mash' permission? Is there an existing 'releng' permission I
should use?

3. What to do with the output?

Mash will create the repositories for all configured architectures,
corresponding to a certain Koji tag.

As such, its output is much bigger that, say, a build task.

The task could upload everything back to the Hub, but that could take a
significant time and might hammer the Hub?

Dennis was saying that another possibility was to mount /mnt/koji as
read-write on the builder, and inside the chroot, so that the task could
write its output directly there.

What would be the preferred option?


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