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> Hello Thomas,
> our experience with koji showed that we used very little of its functionality
> but we took a large performance hit from using it; hence we first started
> using mock and a manually built repository creation system, now we're
> replacing mock with this docker-rpm-builder.

> I'll do some benchmarking for mock-vs-drb later on.

> bye,

I haven't really been digging very deeply into this, but how do you make sure that you have the most up-to-date buildroot in the Docker image you use? If you're building for e.g. rawhide, you'd basically need to rebuild the image every time a package from minimal buildroot gets version/release bump. So IIUC you'd either have to rebuild the base image pretty often or you'd have to do "yum update" inside the docker image before you actually start building. At that point, I'm not really sure how much faster docker is. 
Also, IIUC you require "yum" to be present in the docker image, which will probably draw in some dependencies that are unnecessary and may be unwanted (e.g. for Fedora builds). 

Please correct me if I'm wrong. 

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> wrote:

> > Hi,

> > >
> > 

> > I had a thought about it but never found the time to look more into koi
> > internals to see how we can hook it.

> > It would be beneficial in time to replace mock by docker (or plain LXC) in
> > koji. But maybe someone more experienced with mock could finger point the
> > advantages of mock compare to containers ?

> > I like koji but our devs hate the time it takes to build RPMs. I have to
> > say
> > half of the time is taken by mock deploying the buildroot and our builders
> > don't have the luxury to be on SSDs ;)

> > Thomas

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