how to setup the koji build system?

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> > Hello,
> > I want to build my own linux based on the koji build system . However
> > the koji wiki page seems to be a little bit out-of date. I followed
> > the instructions to go through all of the steps, but it alway show me
> > some failures.
> > I am using the koji-1.9.0, and I saw the wiki page was refering to the
> > version 1.3.1.
> > Is there anybody has any suggestion about the setup information? or
> > anyone can provide me the latest document about how to build the koji
> > system?
> I follow this page:
> also a little bit out-of date, but on comments we have good tips, to
> solve the not updated things .

I too have just gone through a Koji setup -- my 2nd time actually, I didn't adopt it after all the work the 1st time.  Those pages are helpful, but I found I really needed a combination of the following to get going:

and for Sigul:

I did lean on the devops-blog pages too that you already mentioned.

I also found it impossible to get going without adding numerous debug messages of my own into the koji code.  I encountered too many exceptions that failed to print any useful details about the current state, especially when I was trying to decode the magic of the proper setup for building from SCM.  I don't fault the code or its authors though, it was created to serve a purpose for the Fedora Project and that it does.  But, it's far from having the polish and documentation of the more popular FOSS packages that get so much more attention.

John Florian

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