Sigul: "WARNING: Invalid request: Required field rpm-release missing" -- what does this mean?

John Florian john.florian at
Mon Apr 27 20:25:01 UTC 2015

I have setup a sigul bridge and server per /usr/share/doc/sigul/README (more or less; using other sources for clarification and such).  I can sign rpm's using something like:

sigul sign-rpm -o /tmp/signed.rpm mdct-legacy my-package-2.7-3.fc20.noarch.rpm

However, I'm now working on the integration with Koji and when I do:

sigul sign-rpm --koji-only --store-in-koji mdct-legacy my-package-2.7-3.fc20.noarch.rpm

... the command returns this:

ERROR: I/O error: EOFError()

(um, yeah) and the bridge's log shows:

2015-04-27 16:19:50,160 INFO: Client with CN 'd13677' connected
2015-04-27 16:19:50,161 INFO: Request: 'import-signature' = '\x00\x00\x00\x01', 'key' = 'mdct-legacy', 'op' = 'sign-rpm', 'return-data' = '\x00\x00\x00\x00', 'user' = 'd13677'
2015-04-27 16:19:51,899 WARNING: Invalid request: Required field rpm-release missing
2015-04-27 16:19:51,899 DEBUG: Request handling finished

That's a little more helpful, but I still don't know what's required to correct the issue.
John Florian

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