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星期日 八月 22 02:52:36 UTC 2010

这个,gnome session还是可以整合到systemd中的,



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On Fri, 20.08.10 03:52, Lennart Poettering (mzerqung在0pointer.de) wrote:

> systemd is very generic low-level code, so there shouldn't be a
> technical barrier for other DEs adopting it too, and I'd welcome this
> very much. However, there are certain political issues that will make
> adoption by other DEs difficult: for one, systemd is Linux
> specific. While in the GNOME world the idea that Linux is the only OS
> that matters is kinda popular these days I assume that other
> DEs care much more about niche OSes (hey, and KDE even cares about
> Windows!).
> Also, regardless of the DE there is still that distro with the 3 Us in
> its name which is unlikely to adopt systemd. Tying systemd into GNOME
> and the other DEs would probably cement what they are already doing:
> forking GNOME and maintaining things independently of upstream.
> So, in summary, this is something to push forward very carefully, and as
> of now neither the technical nor the political preconditions have been
> figured out how to do this best.

Let me clarify this: if we adopt systemd for the session we need to do
that in a way that is acceptable for the other OSes/distros which cannot
or don't want to adopt systemd. We don't want to drive them away from
contributing to GNOME upstream. It's a tightrope walk between innovating
here and not breaking too much glass in the cooperation between th major
players in GNOME land.

I do have a few ideas how to do this best, but this needs more
thinking. i.e. in the long run we probably want to merge a lot of the CK
functionality into systemd, and move some stuff currently done in
gnome-session into it. We should do this in a way that Solaris and
Ubuntu can still continue to use the current CK implementation and the
current code in g-s, and both can still be considered GNOME.

But anyway, I don't like to talk too much about great plans for the
distant future, and focus more on what we can do right now.


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