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Tom asked Toshio and me to look into how to implement something like
the kopers proposal that Jesse wrote up a while back. Toshio and I have
been doing a bunch of research on it and have come up a bunch of issues
and some questions about it. The most pressing question is this:

- If kopers/fedora ppas make creating(and hosting) new/different
variants of pkgs easier, are we just encouraging a dependency/provides
explosion of incompatibility and, ultimately, pain in debugging. OR are
we just facilitating what is already happening now and lifting user

In short, does providing the technology to do what a koper is make our
lives better or worse?

Let me give some examples of better:

- easier hosting of the 5 pkgs with interdependent build processes for
any given use

- easier updating of repos and searching of them

- advancing the tooling in parts of our build infrastructure (mock and
createrepo in particular)

Some examples of worse:

- now instead of an average user having 3-5 repos enabled (fedora,
updates, rpmfusion, adobe-flash) they have a lot more

- polluting the search namespace for google and others to confuse
people looking for ‘python-frazzlebutt’.

- confusing an average user as to what is a Fedora Project pkg and what
is just something provided from a fedora domain by some random user.

- making every developer debugging a problem have to ask the: what pkgs
do you have installed and can you give me full details of where you got
them from. (to be fair, yum now records the repo a package was
installed from so this information is not difficult to come by)

At the moment I’m inclined to believe that folks are making their own
pkgs and repos already and we have a smaller scale of the ‘cons’. So
that by making it easier we will make a larger number of them but it’s
not altogether new. And I know that enhancing some of the tools will be
helpful, if only to the folks using them to build local repos of their
own stuff.

Anyone have any thoughts on ths subject?

Update: Toshio was kind enough to point out this blog post from
fedora’s very own Adam Williamson before he came to fedora.

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