[FZH] New tester looking for a mentor

Gerard Braad gbraad在fedoraproject.org
星期四 十一月 25 12:44:21 UTC 2010

2010/11/25 Snake A <snake.a.x at gmail.com>:
> many thanks to all of your kindly reply,  now i have the idea on how to get
> start.
> I'll contact the Chinese group and some of you respectively later.
> And I'll attend the Chinese IRC meeting on Friday evening as well,
> Can't wait to join you. :-)

Hi xuan.ai,

Two things:

* Please don't top post. I know this is standard behaviour for gmail,
but generally not accepted on Open Source mailinglists and therefor on
*  Do you have a registered IRC nickname on Freenode? Looking forward
to see you join our discussions.

kind regards,


Gerard Braad -- 吉拉德
   Project-lead Fedora-MIPS
   Regional Mentor for APAC/China

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