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 ** New layout for overview [Florian]*

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From: Owen Taylor <otaylor在redhat.com>
Date: 2010/11/30
Subject: GNOME Shell 2.91.3 released
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GNOME Shell 2.91.3 is now available at:


Note: This version now require the recent Clutter 1.5.8 development
 snapshot to build. It won't work with Clutter 1.4.

About GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME 3
desktop, like switching to windows and launching applications.
GNOME Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics
hardware and introduces innovative user interface concepts to
provide a visually attractive and easy to use experience.

Tarball releases are provided largely for distributions to build
packages. If you are interested in building GNOME Shell from source,
we would recommend building from version control using the build
script described at:


Not only will that give you the very latest version of this rapidly
changing project, it will be much easier than get GNOME Shell and
its dependencies to build from tarballs.

Changes since 2.91.2
 * New layout for overview [Florian]
  - The complex dash is replaced with a narrower line of icons, giving
    more space for the windows
  - A set of "tabs" is added at the top of the overview for selecting
    between Windows/Applications (and eventually files)
  - Grid vs. linear workspace view distinction is gone
  - Desktop background stays fixed rather than zooming
  - Enhanced feedback is added while dragging and dropping favorites
 * Native power and battery status icon and drop-down [Giovanni]
 * Optimization:
  - Report paint volumes to take advantage of partial stage repaints
    in Clutter 1.5 [Adel, Owen]
  - Skip drawing transparent backgrounds and borders [Owen]
  - Use new smart background drawing functionality in Mutter [Owen]
  - Don't clear the stage since we paint over all of it [Owen]
  - Use a more efficient way of tracking actor under the drag
    icon during DND [Florian]
 * Make links in message tray messages clickable [Maxim]
 * Add timestamps to expanded chat [Giovanni]
 * StIcon
  - Import MxIcon [Owen]
  - Make colorize symbolic icons and follow icon theme changes [Owen]
  - Add ability to load GIcon [Giovanni]
  - Add drop shadow support [Florian]
 * Use StLabel for StTooltip to support full CSS styling [Giovanni]
 * Visual and UI tweaks [Adel, Florian, Giovanni, Jon, Marina]
  - invisible status is removed from the user menu as raising various
    problematical IM interactions [Jon]
  - Restart option is removed from the user menu as less generally
    useful and not worth the clutter [Jon]
  - Make the volume dropdown much simpler [Allan, Giovani]
 * Use the raw WM_CLASS value rather than the window title for
  applications that aren't properly associated with a desktop file [Maxim]
 * Fix interaction of accessibility menu with GSettings keys [Giovanni]
 * Fix annoying misbehavior with window snapback during DND in the
  linear workspace view [Dan]
 * Correct copyright and license notices for St [Owen]
 * When creating an extension, print where we created it [Colin]
 * Fix memory management crashers [Owen, Giovanni]
 * Build fixes
  [Dan, Florian, Giovanni, Jasper, Kiyoshi, Marc-Antoine, Nick, Owen, Rico]
 * Misc bug fixes [Bastien, Dan, Owen]

 Adel Gadllah, Kiyoshi Aman, Giovanni Campagna, Maxim Ermilov, Nick Glynn,
 William Jon McCann, Florian Müllner, Bastien Nocera, Marc-Antoine Perennou,
 Jasper St. Pierre,  Owen Taylor, Rico Tzschichholz, Colin Walters, Dan
 Marina Zhurakhinskaya

 Allan Day, William Jon McCann

 Fran Diéguez [gl], Kjartan Maraas [nb], Lucian Adrian Grijincu,
 Daniel Șerbănescu [ro], Sira Nokyoongtong [th], Gheyret T. Kenji [ug]

Bugs fixed:
 610219 Links in message banners should be clickable
 613448 tray icons should be the same height as the panel font
 622450 Add full CSS to StTooltip
 622451 Add experimental power manager applet
 624361 System status area
 624584 Message tray look update
 630752 Add padding between the chat messages and the scroll bar
 630932 St: Implement get_paint_volume virtual method
 632824 gnome-shell-build-setup.sh: autopoint is a separate package on newer
 633036 Lag when hovering window thumbnails
 633595 st_texture_cache_load_from_raw: Don't pointlessly include size in
cache key
 633657 Add run-js-test executable to run tests
 633853 Fix up StButton and add keyboard support
 633865 Add St.Icon and use for named icons
 633866 Handle icon theme changes
 634225 Gnome-shell doesn't build with -O3
 634329 Sound menu uses atypical terminology
 634451 Drop Invisible state until we have a better plan for it
 634550 Fix up copyright and license notices for St
 634552 gnome-shell need settings-desktop-schemas
 634555 jhbuild gnome-shell fail due to libgnome-ui change
 634693 Universal Access: update GSettings keys
 634736 Build of run-js-test is broken
 634752 Skip drawing transparent borders and backgrounds
 634767 [overview-relayout] Borken with multiple monitors
 634769 Disable clearing the color buffer
 634781 StFocusManager needs to ref the groups added
 634836 Use the new "background actor" functionality in Mutter
 634865 Update Fedora dependencies in gnome-shell-build-setup.sh
 634948 overview: Change the layout to match the latest mockups
 635141 ShellTrayManager: fix icon actor memory management
 635199 build: fix gnome-power-manager dependencies
 635264 statusMenu: Make "My Account" menu item work again
 635272 dnd: when snapping back, deal with moved/rescaled parents
 635278 dnd: call ungrabEvents when the drag actor is destroyed
 635288 Update for gnome-power-manager API changes
 635367 Correct and simplify setting the GJS module path
 635471 Inline chat response cannot display underscores
 635608 st-icon: Add support for -st-shadow property
 635712 Angle brackets are expanded as &lt; and &gt; in XChat notifications

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