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Caius Chance me at kaio.net
Mon Dec 12 11:05:00 UTC 2011


He has BCC'ed the same to me.

About the SEO I don't think it should be counted, but the active level of the BBS admins. On bbs.fedora-zh.org the only one with permission in last few months was bbbush only. This massively slow down the development of bbs.fedora-zh.org. That is the main reason I want to merge that into fedora china.cn, because I thought bbs.fedora-zh.org was dead.

If there the admin permissions are available and admins can be recruited, it is ideal to keep bbs.fedora-zh.org. bbbush doesn't know he is the person who block the spinning of current web services namely bbs, planet, blog, which made him pissed and scolded everyone badly. I would guess at the end of the day bbbush may provide the data and blame me again as I am a absolute emperor. XD

For BBS, I just want a BBS that everyone can participate!

About planet, Fedora main planet has no rules except contents that will disgust people such as illegal photos (violent or yuck or sexual) or those Linux geeks dislikes such as Apple. :) Generally there is no rules. However, planet for Chinese community needs rules and everyone from China knows that deeply.

Caius Chance
me at kaio.net

On 12/12/2011, at 8:43 PM, Tommy He wrote:

> Forward replied email from bbbush which had probably been sent to me only.
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> From: "Yuan Yijun" <bbbush.yuan at gmail.com>
> Date: Dec 12, 2011 6:22 PM
> Subject: Re: [FZH] fedoracommunity 索引頁
> To: "lovenemesis" <lovenemesis at fedoraproject.org>
> 吵吵架而已,我不再回帖了。
> 2011/12/12 Tommy He <lovenemesis at fedoraproject.org>:
>> 不管口水战的事情,我的观点是 Fedora 中文社区面临竞争,需要变革,不前进就会死亡。
>> 和 FedoraChina.cn 合并我赞同,因为现实是 FedoraChina.cn 比 fzug
>> 在搜索引擎中更靠前,更多的新用户会走向它而不是我们。与其这般不断声明“我们这里贡献者更多,有更多官方支持” 云云,主动走向
>> FedoraChina.cn 更现实。
> 我们大家都去看 LinuxToy 你发的每篇文章,请问 Fedora Project 是不是该走向 LT 呢。
> 用 SEO 说事的话,为什么我搜索"Fedora 论坛"和"Fedora 无法启动",都是 LinuxSir 在我们前面,请问 Fedora
> Project 是不是要走向 LinuxSir 呢。
> https://www.google.com/search?q=fedora-zh.org 有 5,240,000 结果,搜索
> bbs.fedora-zh.org 有 3,320,000 结果,搜索fedorachina.cn 只有 29,100 结果。
> http://www.baidu.com/s?wd=bbs.fedora-zh.org 有 3,600
> 结果,搜索fedorachina.cn 只有 707 结果。怀疑 vBulletin 应对 SEO 的能力?cnblue可以给上堂课了。
> BBS 的实际用户数量颇可怀疑,比如 FZUG 一个月内活跃用户不过 100 左右。我已经说得很客气了,kaio 你要
> fedora-zh.org 的用户列表,我能给你;但是别指望 fedorachina.cn 会给你。你要 fedora-zh.org
> 所有的文章存档,我一样能给你,因为从开头我们就强调了 CC 授权;但是别指望 fedorachina.cn 会给你。
> “许多资源链接指向 fedora-zh.org”,但是却在关键的字面内容上不提 FZUG 和
> fedora-zh.org,这不叫盗链吗?若是按照商业网站的规则,这不是很可笑的事吗?
>> 现在已有的 Planet 不够理想,其中有抓取了不少跟 Fedora 或者开源技术无关的内容,必须要变化。Planet 的使用规则在
>> Wiki 上也汉化了,希望每个准备加入的人能仔细阅读,大家共同监督规则的执行。
> 地址?我不记得谁会因为自己发了什么过分的帖子就被踢出 Fedora Project,连那位每天自拍的都没有。人生苦短,你不是PYTHONer吗?
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