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> 我買了一塊 xM,大家有沒有興趣搞這個?
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> Subject: [beagleboard] ANNOUNCEMENT: Annual State of the Beagle Report 2011
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> My apologies for the tardiness of this report.  2010 was the busiest
> year yet for BeagleBoard.org and the rest of 2011 looks to be even
> busier with more people learning and teaching about low-power
> open-source development with the BeagleBoard, more interesting
> derivative hardware designs and add-ons that improve what you can
> build with what you've learned, more software distributions supporting
> the BeagleBoard in their mainline offerings and overall improved
> experiences as the platform and community evolve.
> *********************
> Google Summer of Code
> *********************
> One of my highlights for 2010 was the BeagleBoard.org mentorship in
> the Google Summer of Code.  We mentored 6 students to successfully
> complete projects ranging from ARM assembly optimizations within the
> XBMC media center project to building a USB packet sniffer you can use
> with your own hardware.  There were also projects on optimizing
> OpenCV, simplifying use of the C6x DSP, performing pulse width
> modulation and providing an ARM-optimized FFT library.  Each of the
> students was given $5,000 for their efforts by Google and have
> provided their source code that you can use in your own projects.
> Hunyue, Vladimir, Mans and I all visited Google for the mentor summit
> and interacted with hundreds of developers helping to advance the
> state of open source.  We learned that Google is planning to expand
> the program in 2011, so it is time to get started, so please help
> update the idea page and register yourself as a prospective mentor if
> you'd like to participate.
> For more information, visit http://beagleboard.org/gsoc.
> **********************************
> TI/UT BeagleBoard Design Challenge
> **********************************
> Texas Instruments challenged students at the University of Texas to
> provide an open source design and present it for the world to vote
> upon.  Several interesting designs were created, including one picked
> up by PopSci.com.  For more information, visit
> http://www.ti.com/beagleboardchallenge.
> ********
> Projects
> ********
> The sponsored projects program died off last year as very few updates
> were being provided by the registered projects.  Lots of open source
> software and cool hardware projects continued to be developed with
> around 1,000 BeagleBoard-related blog posts in 2010 (a bit over 2,500
> all-time by my count) that ended up in the BeagleBoard.org RSS feed,
> but the board giveaways had very little to do with it.  If you are
> someone who is very interested in that program or you have an update
> regarding your project, there are still giveaways from Gumstix, Always
> Innovating, Archos and others (including BeagleBoards) if you can show
> that you've had some interesting progress and want to try putting your
> code on one of those platforms.  If you give good feedback we can
> update http://beagleboard.org/contest to reflect that feedback and
> relaunch the program.
> While significant progress has come from projects like Linaro, Ubuntu,
> MeeGo and now Yocto providing direct support for the BeagleBoard, I
> think the real progress in improving the project output will be in
> improving the http://beagleboard.org/project page to include a
> database of project build, functionality and test updates.  The idea
> is to create scripts that can be included with project build and test
> scripts to utilize OAuth to provide database entries that can be
> browsed quickly to show project activity without ever needing to visit
> the site.  Contact me on IRC for more details if you'd like to
> contribute.  Project source will be part of the website source tree.
> This will also be something I'll be talking about as part of
> BeagleCast, something I'll be discussing at the bottom of this report.
> ***********************************
> xM Launch, Availability and Pricing
> ***********************************
> The big story for 2010 was the launch of the BeagleBoard-xM, which
> brought the BeagleBoard to 1GHz and 512MB RAM, as well as adding
> additional USB host ports and Ethernet.  The revision has been well
> received and distributors have had trouble keeping stock on both this
> revision as well as the pre-xM boards.  Digi-Key has been getting
> hundreds of boards a week of both revisions and the typical wait on
> back-orders has been under 2 weeks, but every time distributors start
> to show stock additional orders have come in.  The moral of the story
> is don't wait for the distributors to show stock if you want to get a
> board--just place your order and you'll get a board pretty quick.
> CircuitCo is working on increasing its capacity and with large
> back-orders from distributors being placed ahead of orders from end
> customers, we expect the situation not to get worse than a few weeks
> wait and by mid-year to actually have some inventory.  Even TI has
> started placing some orders to try to build up some inventory of xM
> boards.
> Gerald had initially built in some pad for purchasing 1GB RAMs after
> the initial switch-over costs were covered, but we felt a price drop
> was more in order, enabling us to drop the price of the xM boards
> enough for some distributors to provide them for as low as $149--the
> price of the pre-xM board.  Improvements in test yields and increased
> volume purchases also enabled Gerald and CircuitCo to lower the price
> of the pre-xM board allowing it to be sold at some distributors for
> just $125.  We aren't yet to $99, but I am starting to feel like we
> could get there at some point in the future.
> We are still discouraging anyone using the board in production devices
> without making a direct isolated deal with CircuitCo (or the
> manufacturer of your choice) such that all our supply doesn't get
> eaten up for new people getting the platform.  (Guys, make your own
> spin, the TI component pricing is on the web and it can be done at a
> reasonable cost around the same price for which we are selling the
> boards today if you can get a fair price on the memories.)
> Availability of production volume SOM/COMs using the TI
> DaVinci/Sitara/OMAP devices that are providing migration support from
> the BeagleBoard are increasing, including AM35x-based boards available
> for as little as $45 and tiny boards that include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
> and more.  Open source hardware reference designs like the AM3517
> CraneBoard are meant to further enable such developments.  Please
> support the growth of the BeagleBoard.org and embedded Linux ecosystem
> by evaluating those solutions and encouraging these vendors to support
> the mainline distribution projects.  Please help me update the
> http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/OMAP3_Boards wiki page to
> include these BeagleBoard alternatives and feel free to discuss them
> on this mailing list, though you likely need to contact the
> manufacturer to discover the proper support forum if you are having
> issues related to the hardware or software they provide.
> *************
> What is next?
> *************
> Gerald has some minor modifications planned to the pre-xM and xM
> boards to bring in the latest revision of power management device, but
> that should not result in any software impact.  Where you are more
> likely to see differences out-of-the-box on some future board revision
> this year is in the software distributed on the board.  We are
> encouraging CircuitCo to pull down a more complete copy of the
> Angstrom Distribution aligned completely with what is being assembled
> with Narcissus to ship with the boards to better show the
> functionality.  This will in no way prevent you from running Android
> (as from the Rowboat project), Ubuntu, Yocto, MeeGo, FreeBSD, QNX,
> Windows Embedded or any other software on your BeagleBoard.  If you
> care about what this software will look like, please review the
> release candidate images Koen has been posting links on the mailing
> list and provide feedback.
> Part of what is motivating an in-the-box distribution release is the
> need to provide students being educated using the BeagleBoard platform
> a known starting point that helps them reach success early.  The
> requirements for this effort are being discussed in the BeagleBoard
> Linux Education Project and seek to improve the materials Mark Yoder
> has been creating for his university course on embedded Linux.  If you
> care to get involved with this project, introductory details can be
> found at http://beagleboard.org/linux_education.  Be on the lookout
> for a Google Summer of Code project targeting these requirements.
> While not a BeagleBoard.org project, 2010 saw the launch of the
> PandaBoard focused on enabling open source mobile application
> framework developers access to the latest in mobile applications
> processors.  This has spawned a lot of interest if there would be an
> OMAP4 or multicore-A9 based BeagleBoard.  At this point it isn't
> clear, but if TI were to provide access to OMAP4 to the broad market
> (through TI distributors without any volume restrictions), then it
> would make sense to upgrade the BeagleBoard platform once the end-user
> experience can be ensured to meet or exceed the experience on the
> current pre-xM and xM platforms.  I can tell you it isn't eminent and
> that the release process would include the typical discussion of
> features here on the mailing list before anything was frozen, sampling
> of boards to active community members (which always results in
> pictures up on Flickr and discussion on the IRC channel) and a public
> launch plan.  There is certainly a chance that the BeagleBoard won't
> get updated until Cortex-A15 devices come out, but be assured the
> BeagleBoard.org effort is focused on longevity and education.
> In my mind, the BeagleBoard is the premier platform for embedded open
> source *software* hacking and education thanks to it being extremely
> low-power, small and capable of running full Linux distributions while
> having a rich hardware ecosystem.  If you are looking for something a
> bit more modular, in a case, with a battery, it seems to me something
> like the Bug Labs platform might be the way to go.  We even worked on
> a BeagleBoard-BugAdapter, but never brought it to market as I got my
> hands on a Bug2.0 and it is more fun just to play with it.  Still,
> hardware hackers cannot be deterred and there are now several
> registered companion boards [1] starting with our friends over at
> TinCanTools.  While the Zippy combo boards that add Ethernet aren't
> that popular now that the xM boards incorporated Ethernet on them,
> their Trainer board might see a bit more life as it is getting picked
> up for some educational projects on performing I2C and SPI
> interactions under Linux.  The Liquidware BeagleTouch and BeagleJuice
> add-ons also seem to be enjoying some public success.  Some SOM/COM
> vendors are finding the BeagleBoardPinMux EEPROM ID useful for
> maintaining a high degree of binary software compatibility with the
> BeagleBoard.  I think the news is that CircuitCo, as part of its
> BeagleBoardToys brand, is looking to partner with more individuals and
> small entities looking to bring out more BeagleBoard extending
> hardware and that might mean a few more options to extend your
> BeagleBoard hardware in 2011.
> [1] http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardPinMux#Vendor_and_Device_IDs
> ************************************
> Open Source Shows and the BeagleWall
> ************************************
> I won't even attempt to list all of the open source shows where the
> BeagleBoard had a presence in 2010 or will have a presence in 2011,
> but I highly encourage you to get on the mailing list and announce if
> you are interested in showing off anything you've done at one of the
> regional shows around the world.  My favorite of these show-off demos
> recently *has* to be the BeagleWall.  Originally assembled by folks in
> the FFmpeg project (notably Mans) and friends over at Archos
> (Vladimir, the infamous av500), Koen got the TI team in Europe to put
> together a stand that looks a bit more official (boards aren't lying
> around on a nearby radiator any more).  You can find plenty of
> pictures of the BeagleWall at FOSDEM 2011 by searching on Flickr and
> YouTube.
> Given the sheer number of events, I'm trying to get a bit more
> organized by placing them in the BeagleBoard.org Google Calender that
> is now featured on the home page of BeagleBoard.org.  I request for
> you to notify me of any events that you don't see up there and to
> suggest we discuss the upcoming event on BeagleCast...
> **********
> BeagleCast
> **********
> What the heck is BeagleCast?  Well, you can probably tell from the
> name that Gerald and I are looking to hork in on (meaning to steal)
> the action of the likes of TWiT (This Week in Tech) and The Amp Hour
> by doing an audio webcast.  This will never get done unless we
> publicly commit to it, like we are doing right here, right now.  Give
> us a month or so to get the first one out, but this will give us a
> forum for discussing the challenges being faced by community
> developers, upcoming open source tradeshows, technology related to
> high-performance, low-power open source software and hardware and why
> 26 + 26 = 54.  It will also force me to dedicate a set time for
> tackling the top questions on the mailing list and IRC channel.
> Of course, this won't take off without getting participation from the
> community and getting some good guests to talk about the cooler
> aspects of embedded Linux and DIY computing, so I strongly request for
> you to submit ideas on guest/permanent hosts, topics, format, etc.
> You can even call-in with pre-recorded questions.  If you couldn't
> tell from visiting #beagle in the past, heavy doses of sarcasm are
> encouraged.
> Here's where to provide the inputs and call-ins:
> http://bit.ly/bcsuggest
> +1 (713) 234-0535
> http://beagleboard.blogspot.com may have a Google Voice widget,
> depending on your Flash settings and if the current sun flare
> activity.
> That's it!  See you on the intertubes!
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